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San Diego's Top Realtor on TV

Have you seen Arlo Nugent’s hottest new commercial in San Diego? It’s only airing on cable TV, but you can watch it right here as well!

Arlo Nugent on ABC News

Arlo Nugent made waves recently when he appeared on ABC News to discuss the current state of the San Diego real estate market. After giving an informative and in-depth overview of the market, Arlo was able to provide a unique perspective on how local real estate trends are impacting buyers and sellers in the area. Given his knowledge and expertise, it’s no surprise that many viewers took away useful advice from the broadcast. Whether you’re looking for your first home or trying to make a smart investment, Arlo’s insights can give you valuable tools to help you achieve your goals.


Check all the individual segments below.

I heard homes practically sell themselves in San Diego!

It’s no secret that San Diego was once a hot market for real estate, with homes practically selling themselves. Nowadays, however, this is not the case and it has become apparent that real estate agents are often required to put in extra effort to attract buyers.


Watch Arlo explain the shift in market trends in San Diego.

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Why do renters wait to become homeowners?

Becoming a homeowner is a milestone but renters often delay this big decision due to misconceptions about home-buying options. Some people may have the impression that they need to put a large down payment in order to purchase a home.

Watch Arlo Nugent talk about the biggest misconceptions about buying a home.

Sell Your House During The Holidays - GOOD or BAD?

If you are considering selling your house at the end of the year, you are doing the right thing. While many people assume that there will be less demand or interest in a home for sale during this time of year, that’s actually not the case. During the holiday season there is typically less competition because fewer people are listing their homes for sale so if you have yours on the market, it’s more likely to get noticed quickly by prospective buyers.


Watch Arlo break down the real estate market in Q4.

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San Diego is SO expensive - WHO are these buyers??

San Diego is notorious for its high cost of living, but who are the buyers that have kept this market thriving amidst the pandemic and beyond?


During the pandemic, out-of-state buyers have also been aggressive, seizing upon real estate opportunities. Now, surprisingly, more and more locals have been making purchases despite the decreased housing inventory.


Watch the video to learn more.

Let's Reach Your Home Dreams Together

When it comes to buying or selling a home, having the right partner by your side is essential. At Blue Chip Realty Group, we understand the intricacies of the market and have the experience and knowledge needed to help you reach your home-buying or selling dreams.


Let’s get started today toward reaching your real estate goals. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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