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Tuscany Hills Brentwood, TN Homes for Sale

How about bringing Italy to Tennessee? If your dream has been to visit the beautiful country of Italy, why not stay in Tuscany Hills, Tennessee? It is Italy away from Italy in Brentwood, Tennessee.

Named after the famous Tuscany city in Italy, Tuscany Hills brings you the architecture reminiscent of the Tuscan region of Central Italy. Tuscany Hills is a 100-acre single-family home development in Brentwood, Tennessee, with mature trees and rolling hills. Tuscany Hills Brentwood, TN homes for sale range from 3800 to 6000+ square feet, with three or more car garages.

Tuscany Hills is located in Brentwood, just a few miles south of Nashville, the world’s country music capital. Brentwood is, in fact, a suburb of the state capital. Brentwood, which has over 40,000 people, is well-liked by those who have chosen to settle there.

Throughout the year, residents of Tuscany Hills can enjoy a variety of restaurants, bars, parks, and activities. Despite being so close to Nashville, most streets of Tuscany Hills have a rural feel to them. For those considering buying a home in Tuscany Hills Brentwood, TN, the following information explains everything there is to know.

The climate in Tuscany Hills, Brentwood

Tuscany Hills has a climate comfort index of 7.3 out of 10. That makes it one of the most comfortable areas in Tennessee and the United States. Residents in the area enjoy more sunny days than residents in other cities in the country, with over 210 days of sunshine per year. The area only receives precipitation 120 days or less per year, which means there is more time to get outside and enjoy everything the city has to offer.

The average summer high temperature in Tuscany Hills is about 89 degrees Fahrenheit. There are only 38 days in the summer where the temperature exceeds 90° F, making the summer more pleasant than in other parts of Tennessee.

The city has only four inches of snow each year with an average winter low of 26° F and over 90 days are below freezing. The area receives rain all year and typically receives more than 50 inches.

Brentwood’s most pleasant months are May, September, and October, thanks to the average 70-degree temperature and a light breeze. Brentwood is far enough north that residents can enjoy the changing of the leaves as autumn approaches.

The Work Industry

Tuscany Hills is home to a wide range of businesses from various industries. The area’s proximity to Nashville has fueled rapid growth in multiple sectors. Education and health care are the two most prominent industries, employing over 8,000 residents in the area. Science, finance, insurance, retail, and entertainment are also popular industries in Brentwood, employing nearly 7,000 people.

Getting Around the Area

Tuscany Hills residents averagely commute in less than 25 minutes. This is slightly less than what you get in most places across the United States. More than 85 percent of residents rely on their vehicles to get to and from work every day. Almost 7% of people carpool, which helps to alleviate rush-hour congestion. Over 8% of residents work from home, expected to rise with time.

Brentwood has worked hard over the years to improve its traffic. The city’s Traffic Operations Center monitors nearly 50 intersections throughout the day, which has improved traffic conditions across the city, including Tuscany. This has helped residents get to their destinations faster over the years.

There are plans on the way to expand the network’s intersections. The county’s long-term goal is to have all intersections on the network functioning optimally at all times.

Activities in Tuscany Hills 

Tuscany Hills residents have a wide range of activities throughout the year. Everyone has something, from indoor and outdoor physical activities to restaurants, shopping, and nightlife. Anyone with an adventurous spirit, a love of music, and a taste for the best Southern cuisine in the area can and will enjoy living in Brentwood.

In Tuscany, almost every restaurant has a full-service bar. The nightlife consists primarily of local waterholes. On weekends, most bars provide late-night entertainment. Those looking for more variety in their nightlife should visit Franklin and Nashville. Clubs, high bars, and adult arcades are available in both cities.

The School District

Tuscany Hills falls under the Williamson County School District. The Williamson County School District serves 40,000 students through 13 public schools, with a student-to-teacher ratio of 17 to 1. Students have access to A.P., I.B., and gifted programs at these schools.

Final thoughts on Tuscany Hills Brentwood, TN Homes for Sale

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