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Arlo Nugent is the go-to real estate agent for divorce home sales. With over 13 years of experience in the industry, he knows how to get your home sold quickly and for the best price possible. Contact him today to get started!

About Me

My name is Arlo Nugent. I have been a full-time real estate broker for 13 years. I spent a third of my career as a broker for a real estate law firm where I specialized in Divorce Real Estate Transactions. After founding my own brokerage, I continued to work closely with multiple family law attorneys throughout San Diego as well as speak at Second Saturday workshops to help empower women in various stages of divorce and explain their real estate options.

While I am a Certified Divorce Specialist, simply having that designation doesn’t carry much weight without actively facilitating monthly divorce sales. On any given month I am involved in three or more divorce sales. Getting the designation creates knowledge, but like any other specialization, laws and procedures change so it’s important to be active in any type of special field.

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400 S. Melrose Dr., Suite 111 - Vista, CA 92081

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Peter W. Thompson I Member of CA State Bar
1450 Frazee Rd Suite 711 San Diego, CA 92108

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Client Testimonials

We hired Arlo Nugent to sell our home after reading his many positive Yelp reviews. My ex-wife and I shared our home and owned a rental property. As part of the divorce we wanted to sell both properties and each purchase a condo. Arlo handled all four transactions with the ease and professionalism of a seasoned veteran. Other agents we spoke with seemed able to take on this task, but were slow to return communication from us. with some failing to respond entirely!


Arlo listed our home and condo simultaneously, launching a complete marketing campaign that yielded quick results! We had offers on both properties within a few weeks and both closed so fast! We were able to part ways amicably because we had our biggest stressor so easily handled by such an amazing real estate agent and person. Arlo was patient, kind and never took sides; from the beginning he made it clear that he was here to represent both of us. When I was ready to begin my condo search, Arlo was again thorough and a strong representative for me.


I heard from my ex-wife that she too was incredibly happy in the home Arlo helped her find. His Yelp reviews were no lie, he really deserves his 5-star rating!



– Grayson S.

Arlo and his team made the sale of our home during the divorce relatively painless. My ex-husband and I were at the not communicating phase of our divorce and we needed an experienced and professional real estate agent that understood the unique challenges that accompany divorce.


Arlo was able to communicate effectively with all parties (including both our attorneys). He saw all details that come with the escrow and had our home quickly sold, allowing us to both move on. I don’t think there is anyone else that could’ve handled this situation with as much professionalism and understanding as Arlo Nugent.



– Mary R.

I had already moved out of my home when the court ordered us to sell our home and divide the proceeds. We needed a real estate agent but I didn’t think anyone I know would be able to handle it professionally,
without taking sides. I asked a friend who recently sold his house and he suggested Arlo Nugent. I did some internet research and found nothing but positive reviews for him.


I called him to set a meeting, giving him a short explanation of my situation and he asked if I’d like to meet separately with my soon to be ex, or together. We were ok to meet together, and he came to our house. He asked in-depth questions and had a great comparative market analysis ready for each of us. He helped to reach an agreement on where to price our home and showed us what things we could do to prepare for showing. He held an open house a short time later and had showings scheduled after that.


Arlo brought us several offers thereafter and when the one we chose fell out of escrow, he picked up the pieces and got one of the other offers to come back! After that escrow was a breeze and our home went to the best possible family. I’m so glad Arlo was our agent, he really made letting our home go a much easier time.



– Kevin W.

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Selling your divorce home can be a complex, time-consuming process, but we’re here to help. We understand the emotion and complexity of your situation and can walk you through the entire process.


Whether you’re looking to stage your home for maximum appeal or want advice on list pricing, Arlo Nugent has the expertise to sell your property quickly and efficiently.

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